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Another Day Dawns Rocks with Fans in Intimate Setting

Review by Bobby Falvo

Seeing one of your favorite bands in a small setting is an amazing experience right?! Another Day Dawns gave their fans an experience they’ll never forget on Saturday, February 25th at the River Street Jazz Cafe in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. It was wall to wall crowd, everyone singing along and full of excitement as they continue to kick off what is going to be a huge year for the hardworking group.

Another Day Dawns. Photo by Bobby Falvo

Beginning the night was Ken Norton (formerly of Graces Downfall), and also the fun and exciting Portland Frank, both put on outstanding performances and helped set the tone the for the night. Another Day Dawns started off unplugged, and put the raw harmonic vocals of singer Dakota McGeehan on full display. Artists who can mix it up as well as these guys can end up setting a pretty high bar, and boy did the raise it another level. Playing songs old and current, including the latest single “Look at You”, whilst peppering in some covers, the band certainly entertained the crowd. They slowly started making moves on stage, with the performance of ‘Never Okay’ seeing the band plug in officially, which had our blood pumping as Nick McGeehan started kicking them bass drum petals, and the heads started banging. The ever so entertaining duo of Jerome Betz on bass and Tyler Ritter on guitar began to release their eclectic and unmatched stage presence amongst the crowd, with Josh Mercado unleashing his repertoire of talents as well. Dakota surprised the crowd very much so by introducing their new single ‘On and On’  boy oh boy if you’re a fan of heavy with his angelic vocals, get thrilled for this banger. Continuing to mix it up with old and new with songs like ‘Beautiful Suicide’, ‘’Rage’, ‘Am I’ and 2 more new songs, even finishing with one of those new songs, the fans were so energized and you can see the band was feeling it the entire time (Dakota said it himself, we unleashed the man bun)! Leaving the stage and making everyone think the night was over, after chants of “One More Song”, the wishes were granted and they came back out to close the night with fan favorite ‘Forget Me Not’. What a beastly encore, and what an unforgettable night for all who were graced with attending. If you haven’t heard of Another Day Dawns yet (they have 2 EPs ‘A Different Life’ and ‘Stranger’ out and ready to rock your ears) I assure you, you will hear them on radio stations across this country this year. Keep and eye out for their new record upcoming and their first since signing with the almighty Century Media Records!

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