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Crossing Over with American Prophet

Interview by Breezy Blake

Sometimes the YouTube algorithms get something just right. Thanks to this, recently I discovered a band called American Prophet; so all hail the YouTube Gods for this fantastic discovery. This is American Prophet.

Their first single, “Die Young”, opens with a hopeless plea: “I don’t believe in anyone or anything anyway” that then booms into a terrific musical intro, with powerful drums and sonic, stellar guitar, before gliding down in tempo to spotlight Donny’s vocals.

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that this band is something special. Sublime vocals and rocking bass putting the haunting tones on a tragic song merge with smashingly melodic guitar and powerful drums. American Prophet is the band this year that you don’t want to miss. It is a tragedy that these guys are not performing in large venues at this time.

“Sober (Clip Your Wings)” starts with a staccato whisper, and then slams you with a monstrous wave of emotion as the song roars to life. This song will break your heart, and inspire you to love. Somewhere in the darkness of this song lives the potential for self love and healing within suffering.

Quite a sad theme and true to their name, American Prophet have a prophetic nature to them and a palpable, desperately delicious depressive tone.

Check out the interview below:

  1. This new single has so much pain in it. This is just how I saw it as a fan, but It’s such   an anthemic song, yet speaks of the dead. What place did this song come from? – 

The song comes from an extremely dark place, in a way it’s about multiple friends who have died of fentanyl overdoses. It describes the aftermath of dealing with it. The line “My friends all live underground, I want the peace that they found” is about hoping they found peace in death but also wanting to find that peace yourself. Being tired emotionally and spiritually and accepting of the possibility of death.

2. You guys have been quiet for 6 years. Why such a long time?

We all had moved on from the project really, it ended badly. We were in a great position 6 years ago, a fantastic manager, a well known record label and booking agent. One thing led to another and we lost it all pretty abruptly. An entire record of songs we recorded with Kile Odell never got to see the light of day. Fast forward years later and I find myself in a very dark place. Feeling the most profound loneliness I’ve ever felt. I yearned for some sort of connection with the outside world so I started writing again and reached out to our producer Kile Odell. Kile has always been supportive of me as an artist, he always throws me work as a writer and was really supportive of me going to Nashville to record. Once we cut “Die Young” and rekindled some relationships I dove in head first. I’m inspired again, I’m finding meaning and connecting with people.

3. How do you think you’ve evolved as musicians over the years? –

I think our perspectives have changed, I think we are wiser and generally more understanding of the human condition. I think we are more open to trying different things musically and transcend genres than before. Most importantly I think we’ve learned an important lesson about the music industry and its inner workings. What’s realistic and what’s not realistic; the hard work it takes to achieve anything worthwhile.

4. Is there a statement of sorts that you want to convey as a band through your music? 

Our songs may seem dismal and depressing, but when I put these thoughts on paper not only is it therapeutic to me, I want it to be therapeutic to the listener as well. I want people to know they aren’t alone in what they are feeling. Hearing emotionally relatable songs have always made me feel better. A song someone may hear and say “Wow, that’s so sad, why are you listening to that?”. Well, I’m listening because it makes me feel more connected spiritually with the rest of the world.

5. What is the driving force behind your music? –

Connection. Pure and simple, no one should feel as spiritually… cosmically abandoned as I once did. Tree of life style, all in one connection is the driving force.

6. What are dreams for the coming years? –

To be on tour playing for as many people as possible; connected with people in the purest way possible. To be self sufficient from music, obviously, where I can solely focus on what we are doing. I have no delusions of being a rockstar, but I know people want honest music and I’m willing to work as hard as possible to get it in front of them.

7. How do you stay positive when life is beating you down? –

Well I don’t. (lol) There is just a need to push forward and I know what will happen if I don’t. I’m a realist and I’ve had too much time alone to pick apart my head. I’m hyper aware of my feelings, and if my attitude is not positive then I start to think out of rationality and just push to get the important things done.

8. What would you like your fans to know about you? –

That I have a lot of love in my heart, That they matter. That their feelings matter. That they deserve to feel loved. That they are an important reason I even wake up anymore.

9. How does your new music compare to your last musical project?  –

The last musical project was more of a post hardcore/progressive type band, It was fun, especially for the time. I’ve always strived for good choruses but I think American Prophet is more polished, more mature, accessible and catchier lol.

10. Can you tell us any hints on what we have to look forward to in the future?

December 22nd we released our new single “Sober (Clip Your Wings)”. It’s about struggling to stay sober in the face of watching something beautiful destroy themselves. Past that we are booking in the second half of 2023 and are booking now! Expect new merch, new songs, and all that jazz throughout 2023.

In closing, it’s apparent That American Prophet, (a band so darkly creative and epic), is going to go far.

If you love bands like the early days of Nothing More and the newer Saint Asonia project, or Adam Gontier’s years in Three Days Grace, you will love these songs and this band.

Check them out on their socials, Give them a spin and go pick up some merch.

Instagram and Facebook: @americanprophetofficial

Website/Merch: https://americanprophetmerch.bigcartel.com/

Bandcamp: https://americanprophet.bandcamp.com

  Rating: 4.5

Band members: Donny, Cody, Matt, Jeremy, Brandon

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