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Rising Up with Dying Oath’s New Song “Ascension”

Dying Oath’s new song “Ascension” dropped last month, and the wait was well worth it. The song evokes a wide range of emotion, from raw rage to euphoric release. Ascension starts with a slow and dark intro that peaks into pure metalcore bliss: an unrelenting fury of fast-paced drum smashing and guitar riffs that punch you in the face…hard. That intensity climbs to the next level with Mindy’s adrenaline-infused growls alternating with Nestor’s clean melodic vocals. Clocking out at six minutes, the haunting undertones in the intro linger throughout the entire track. This song delivers a rush as much as it does a message. This isn’t just about Dying Oath rising up to the challenge and ascending to the next level, it’s an anthem for all of us in this post-pandemic world surrounded by chaos and challenges.

The video comes out on Tuesday…I hope you’re as ready as we are. Subscribe to their YouTube channel NOW! And be sure to like/follow their FB page for all the latest.

Hear “Ascension” on The Threshold’s Loud & Local Playlist here: https://spoti.fi/3jaDrLQ

And, ICYMI: here’s the interview we were lucky enough to have with them a few weeks ago!

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