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The Threshold Presents: Loud & Local Volume 2 – Now Available for Streaming

The wait is OVER. Loud & Local Volume 2 is now LIVE!

We here at The Threshold refuse to be gatekeepers: good music is good music, and the amount of raw talent out there is just mind-blowing. This new compilation features 14 artists from 10 different states and branches out across the rock spectrum. The project takes a modern approach to grassroots, street team efforts in promoting new music with postcards being distributed at events and record stores. You can scan the QR on the spot, taking you to the Loud & Local webpage where you can start streaming the playlist through Spotify and get a quick introduction to each of the bands.

Artwork for Loud & Local Volume 2

The playlist starts with the alt-punk anthem “Bang My Life” by NC-based Dovecage and travels across the map from Coast to Coast, ending with the chillingly beautiful acoustic song “Better to Love” by Ohio’s The Ghostown Three. Sandwiched between them, you’ll find a mix of metalcore, punk, grunge, and just straight down the line rock & roll.

Loud & Local encourages a shift in societal mindset: support each other, grow together, and cheer for each other’s successes. We were not meant to be on this journey alone. Instead, by blending genres, crossing state lines, and mixing styles and influences, Loud & Local looks to cultivate a community of open minds with music as the underlying foundation. So support your local artists. Support your local venues. Check out the bands in small print. You may just find tomorrow’s headliners today.

Hear the Playlist on Spotify and YouTube:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3jaDrLQ
YouTube: https://bit.ly/loud-local-youtube
Web: www.thethresholdmedia.com/loud-local

Full Track List:

  1. Dovecage (NC) – Bang My Life
  2. The Anxiety Effect (PA) – Roots
  3. Fate DeStroyed (CA) – 47
  4. Ocean of Illusions (NJ) – Vastwood
  5. Twisted Dragon (MO) – Midnight Hour
  6. Triceratops (OH) – Smoke (Lifting the Weight of the World)
  7. CutThroat Suzy (SC) – Take Back Time
  8. State Run Radio (NY) – Panic
  9. Strike the Tower (NC) – Your Disease
  10. Of the Fallen (TX) – Lamentations
  11. Dying Oath (VA) – Ascension
  12. Etched in Embers (MO) – Your Crimes
  13. Mydas XXII (SC) – Hidden Machines
  14. The Ghostown Three (OH) – Better to Love

The project was further made possible with partnership and support from the following:

  • Creative Music Management
  • Creative Chaos Design
  • United by Sounds
  • Fristy Media
  • Ghost Media Entertainment
  • Weekend Conversations: Daniel Mazzeo Photography

We’re pushing the limits of the ultimate music experience. This is The Threshold. Cross over with us.

Loud & Local Volume 1 can still be found online at https://bit.ly/loud-local.

Interested in potentially working with us? E-mail us at [email protected].

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